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  • Adam Hirsen

    Co-Founder, CEO

    Adam has spent his career learning to build companies. Before co-founding SparkReel, Adam spent 5 years with a Chicago-based private equity firm, Sterling Partners. At Sterling, Adam held both investment and operating roles, in which he helped to acquire, strategize, finance, grow and exit companies. Other entrepreneurial pursuits include founding TextAway Mobile, which helps companies use text messaging applications for customer service, and Uptown Taxi, Miami University's (Ohio) first local taxi cab service.

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  • Matt Gibbs

    Co-Founder, CMO

    Matt has spent his entire career in digital and social media. His range of experience includes planning media for Showtime Networks, creating HP's first Facebook communities, launching the @TacoBellTruck and Purina Pet Charts, building Playboy's social media audience to the largest in magazine publishing, and founding Playboy's first ever safe-for-work property, thesmokingjacket.com. Prior to launching SparkReel, Matt was a Creative Technologist at socialdeviant.

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    Co-Founder, CTO

    Tabaré started programming when he was 15 just to make computers "do what he wanted" and began programming non-stop once he got his way. He loves inventing new things and also working with existing technologies just to learn a thing or two. Prior to SparkReel, Tabaré worked for a few companies as a developer, project manager and even a technical writer! He then moved on to freelance and to build a passion project. With SparkReel, it was love at first sight and they've been together ever since that magical moment.

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